Who We Help

LEAD with Horses serves children ages 5-24 and their families. We offer a variety of programs to assist all children, especially those facing challenges or considered to be “at-risk,” build confidence, learn positive life skills, and develop resilience. We offer many programs at a free or reduced fee to foster youth, children of veterans, and others.


Children & Youth

LEAD offers individual and group services for children and teens. LEAD's equine programs focus on positive youth development and take a strength-based approach. Contact us to learn more.

Individual Programs

LEAD works with clients, parents, teachers, and therapists to develop custom sessions for individual kids. Sessions are designed around individual goals and objectives. Youth take an active part in their own learning experience.


Group Programs

Camps and courses are offered regularly. Children and teens develop new skills and build confidence in a safe, challenging and non-judgmental environment. LEAD's interactive and experiential horse activities are a fun and creative approach to teaching leadership skills, creative thinking and problem solving, teamwork, responsibility, and more! Visit our Course page for current group offerings.

Social Disorders

LEAD with Horses does not take a cookie-cutter approach to education and skill development. We create a personalized program for your child based on your input, goals, and objectives. We build on your child’s distinctive strengths and abilities to develop a custom equine assisted learning program. Contact us to set up a free private assessment and visit our Course page for information on group classes.

Working one on one with horses creates a tangible avenue to address challenges with social and communication skills, regulation and planning and problem-solving.

The multi-sensory, experiential learning environment creates a direct avenue to expand and generalize skills learned in more traditional settings.

Horses are social animals, and read and respond to non-verbal interactions with their human partners; children benefit from this nonverbal exchange by participating in activities that require behavioral follow-through, emotional regulation, and focus.

Concepts of reciprocity and connection can be learned within the development of a relationship with a horse. Participants often form powerful connections with horses, creating avenues for exploring relationships and communication.


Military Families

Children of veterans may face unique challenges which may include deployment stress, family readjustment, a hoof pickparent with combat injury or illness, multiple moves, and changes in relationships. 

LEAD's group activities offer participants the opportunity to develop a bond with each other and their equine partners, exchange ideas, provide support to one another, and grow in a safe, challenging and non-judgmental environment.

We also offer private sessions for children and families of veterans. We can build a program specifically for you and your family. Contact us to learn more.


Kids in Foster Care

LEAD boundary activityLife in foster care can be extraordinarily challenging and disruptive for children and teens, emotionally and developmentally. Youth in foster care deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. Unfortunately, they often face tremendous obstacles in school and in life.

LEAD provides a safe place to learn and grow.  Our group equine programs offer a fun and educational diversion, while building skills such as  stress management, communication, planning and problem-solving. As they work with horses, youth develop self-confidence and resilience. Visit our Courses & Camps page for current group offerings.

Private sessions for individuals or foster families are also available. We customize a program for your family's unique situation. Contact us to learn more.